Artigo Publicado na Revista Creative Education

A Drª Cristiane Heredia Gomes, coordenadora do Museu Virtual Geológico do Pampa, em parceria com outros colaboradores da Universidade Federal do Pampa publicaram na última edição da Revista Creative Education (vol. 9 nº 6) o artigo intitulado: 

 Soil Analysis as a Pedagogical Strategy in High School with PBL Methodology

Que trata de estratégias pedagógicas para o ensino infanto-juvenil por meio da metodologia PBL (Problem-Based-Learn) com vistas à Análise de Solos.

Confira um breve resumo do trabalho publicado na revista:

This study aims at discussing the implementation of Problem Based Learning (PBL) in activities carried out in a first grade high school class. The analysis of soil was used as a didactic tool capable of facilitating student teaching and learning, and as a way for understanding the environment that surrounds them, aiming at achieving three main goals: to acquire knowledge, to develop skills, and attitudes. During the activities, it was noticed a great student involvement with the activities, especially in the practical ones. In that sense, it was concluded that it is important to work with active methodologies, which are able to increase interest and motivation in the students. Thus, through a thematic approach, it is possible to raise students’ critical awareness.

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