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Call for Papers – Graphic Justice Discussions 2021/2022

Law and life beyond the apocalypse
Graphic Justice Discussions 2021/2022


The Graphic Justice Research Alliance (GJRA) is pleased to announce its 2021/2022 annual conference to be hosted by the Federal University of Pampa, Brazil. The conference will be held online on Friday, March 18, 2022 and is open to academics from many different fields, artists, professionals, writers and the wider community.

The GJRA is a multidisciplinary research network that explores the relationships between law, justice and comics, from multiple perspectives. The theme of the 2021/2022 GJRA Discussions is ‘Law and Life Beyond the Apocalypse’, which proposes reflections on law, justice and life in a context in which the rule of law and the very idea of the ‘democratic state’ has lost its strength: fake news is a harsh reality, science is discredited and the government itself is incapable of protecting its own citizens. In that sense, we wonder: What’s left of law? What is left of life? How does law and life persist where crisis and devastation have become part of the norm?

We will accept articles dealing with these reflections, including (but not limited to) the following topics:

ø Post-Truth and Fake News;
ø Genocide (of people of colour, indigenous peoples, the underpriveleged – as seen in Brazil)
ø Comics as an Object of Regulation (Freedom of Expression, Copyright);
ø Comics and Activism;
ø Utopian and Dystopian Worlds;
ø Law, Comics and Necropolitics;
ø Pandemic and Virus (as the “mutant plague” in X-men);
ø Law, Power and Coloniality/Decoloniality;
ø Comics and Feminism

Submission Rules

To apply, send abstracts of up to 250 words and up to 6 keywords to this form until February 25, 2022. Papers in English and Portuguese will be accepted. The event is free to GJRA members, £10 to non-members. Join the GJRA here.

The works presented may be invited to join an edited book collection, pending author and publisher interest.

Any doubts? Send an e-mail to: